MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Five days after her daughter was shot to death inside her mother’s house, Tiffany Jackson says she still hasn’t been asked to identify her daughter or allowed to see her body.

“I still have not been officially notified that there was an incident and my daughter was the victim of it.,” said Jackson. “It’s not right. ” 

Jackson said she is just trying to hold it together for her other daughter, Maria, who was also inside the home at the time of the shooting.

“They just asked me for her name and stuff like that, but they pulled me out of the house and wouldn’t let me go back in there,” said Maria Jackson.

Police were called to a home in the 3200 block of New Horn Lake Road last Wednesday after Jackson’s 17-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old boy were shot inside.

Police said the 16-year-old was upset that there was another teen in a locked room with Maria.

Investigators said a man who was also there handed the 16-year-old gun, but before he pulled the trigger, shots were fired through the door, hitting both teens.

Picture of suspect in New Horn Lake Shooting

Jackson said they gave police home surveillance video of the shooter and provided police with other information, but so far, they have only arrested the man they say gave the 16-year-old the weapon.

“I’ve constantly been trying to get updates. I know you can’t tell me the details of the case, but I would like to know if you’ve gotten any further in the case. I’ve been calling, leaving voicemails,” said Jackson.

20-year-old Cartavious Devonte Reed faces two counts of criminal attempted facilitation of second-degree murder.

There’s no word on how the 16-year-old boy is doing. Police said this is an ongoing investigation.