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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mother is desperate to reunite with her son after she says he was wrongly accused of trying to plan a school shooting.

Christopher Azor, 14, has been locked up for now nine days. The teen was taken into custody after looking up guns on his computer.

His mother says officials got this all wrong and he was simply looking up Christmas presents.

Azor, a ninth grade student at St. Benedict at Auburndale, is being held on harassment charges after he allegedly made verbal threats to shoot up the school last week. He also had multiple searches on his laptop about guns and how to kill people, according to a police report.

Standing outside Shelby County juvenile court, his mother said her deepest fear has come to light.

“My son is in jail before he even had his first girlfriend, like, it’s not right,” said Countiss Azor. “They didn’t get a gun from my son. They didn’t get a knife from my son. They didn’t get nothing but books, his laptop, pencil and paper, that’s it. That’s what I’m trying to tell everybody.“

In a statement, St. Benedict at Auburndale said: “We take any concerns from our students seriously. This matter is under investigation by law enforcement, and we will not comment further out of respect for all involved.”

As Christopher awaits his hearing, he has now been locked up for just over a week. Azor said no bond has been set but you can expect her to continue coming up here until she’s back with her son.

“It’s not right and I promise, I’m not going to stop until my son is home,” she said. “But it’s not even just about my son, because they do a lot of black boys like this in black men, just railroad them.”

Christopher has two hearings scheduled Monday, where he could find out what his future holds. His mother said one thing is for certain — he will no longer be attending school at St. Benedict at Auburndale.