UPDATE: With the boil water advisory still in effect, MLGW will distribute water at the following locations on Thursday:

  • New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, 2237 S Parkway E
  • Southwest Community College – Whitehaven,1234 Finley Rd
  • Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, 7289 Stage Rd


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Nearly one week into the water crisis plaguing our city, there’s a positive update from MLGW today. 

MLGW said they have finally fixed enough water mains to bring the water back to normal pressure, and this means we’re one step closer to getting rid of the boil water advisory. 

Things could be back to normal as soon as Friday, if all goes as planned, and that process officially began today. 

MLGW President Doug McGowen said the first step in fixing the city’s water issues this week was to fix broken pipes and restore water pressure to the city. 

McGowen said most of those pipes are now fixed—and the next step is sampling the water supply. Crews began collecting samples from areas that are back to full pressure.

Once it’s collected, each sample takes 18 hours to process, in order to check for bacteria such as E. Coli. As long as the sample comes back clear, the water is safe to use. 

“We’ll lift it where we can, when we can. I understand that there’s two options here… We can wait for everything to come in and lift it all at once, but I want to help as many people as I can as soon as I possibly can,” McGowen said.

McGowan said it could take a bit longer for the northern parts of the county to see full water pressure, but once they do, crews will test those areas right away. 

Some good news from MLGW, after several days of inconvenient water issues. 

Crews have been working tirelessly to repair broken and leaking mains and finally, on Wednesday, enough mains have been fixed to bring the water pressure back to normal levels.  

It could be as soon as the end of the week, but some are also wondering how the week of issues will impact our wallets. 

MLGW President Doug McGowen said crews are out sampling the water now that pressure has been restored. Once those samples come back with the all clear, people will have the green light to start using it. 

If you’ve had a pipe burst or have had your water dripping for days to avoid it, MLGW said you shouldn’t see a big change in your bill. 

“We did some calculations for a moderately large home, if you were to drip your water, more than just a drip but actually run it in several of your spigots. We think the maximum impact would be 55 cents on your water bill. So we don’t think dripping is going to have a material impact on anybody’s bill,” McGowen said.

He said if anyone had a leak, they can work with you to make adjustments to your bill. Now that the weather is above freezing, there is no need to leave that water dripping anymore. 

McGowen said pipes should be thawed at this point, and he hopes we don’t see another issue like this for the rest of the season.