MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Power is returning to Shelby County as MLGW said they have restored power to more than 32,000 people affected by severe weather.

Memphis, Light, Gas and Water said that Friday’s storms caused outages for total of 40,000 customers. They said the peak number of outages was 36,613 and their restoration efforts will continue until power is fully restored. There are still about 8,000 who remain without power.

MLGW said that they expect to have 98% of the grid restored by Monday, April 3.

The utility company is working to restore power in the area of Perkins and I-240 as well as in the American Way and Getwell neighborhoods as that is where physical damage is concentrated.

Seven schools were also affected by outages and MLGW said they are making it a priority on Sunday.

“We are also still tackling the largest and most severely damaged components of our electrical distribution and transmission system. Making these repairs will make the biggest impact for the largest number of customers,” MLGW said in a press release.

Once larger repairs to infrastructure and schools are complete, MLGW said they will move onto individual neighborhood outages.

If you need to report an outage, gas leak, damaged poles or damaged electrical lines, MLGW has provided the following resources:

Outage Reporting: 901-544-6500
Emergency: 901-528-4465 (Treat like 911. Gas leaks, damaged poles, electrical lines down.)
Customer Care Center: 901-544-6549
Online Outage Center: