MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With most of the Mid-South under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, the conditions could lead to power outages. As a result, Memphis Light Gas and Water started making preparations.

Gale Jones Carson is the Vice President of Community Affairs for MLGW. Along with bringing in additional crews, she says employees will also work extended hours. The utility company’s biggest concern is the wind associated with the storms.

“We love our beautiful trees. If we have winds, rain, or ice storm, those limbs, those trees are going to fall into our lines and into our equipment and customers are going to go out,” Carson said.

Leading up to the weather, Carson says MLGW has been trimming trees. They are also encouraging folks to have a plan if they do find themselves without power for an extended amount of time.

“They should emergency kit prepared for long-term outages such as bottled water, can and packaged food, that don’t require heating to prepare, batteries, flashlights and generators,” Carson said.

As far as who gets power restored first, MLGW says that’s determined based on which areas are deemed essential like hospitals and schools. From there they tend to the spots that can bring the most people back online.

“I can’t plead with our customers enough to be patient as we quickly and safely try to restore services to their homes,” Carson said. “We don’t wait to restore services. We have our employees working.”

MLGW says never assume they know you don’t have power. Be sure to report it to them online or by calling them at 901-544-6500.