MEMPHIS, Tenn. — MLGW’s President said that millions of dollars have gone into improvements already and is promising there’s more to come.

Water pressure may be low, but it is safe to drink again. MLGW President Doug McGowen said after 5 days, they have fixed all the issues and are lifting the boil water advisory.

“The pressure is still kinda low,” McGowen said. “We have been able to build pressure back up in our system to the point where it is normal.”

With the long stretch of problems over a holiday week, that means frustrations are still boiling over for some.

“How about fixing the infrastructure? This is 2022. We should have good infrastructure,” one Memphian told WREG.

In fact, MLGW President McGowen says that’s exactly what the utility is doing.

“We have boosted pressures and increased production dramatically.”

He said rate hikes approved in 2018 are providing more than a billion dollars to fund infrastructure upgrades. He said the utility started spending that money two years ago.

“We’ve put $53 million into our water system. If we had not made those investments, many more people would’ve been without pressure and water, so we’re making progress”

To go a step further, Memphis Councilman Chase Carlisle is calling out state legislators offering to help. He said he’s thankful, but with a plan already in place, the city instead needs funding for affordable housing.