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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For the first time since February’s ice storm, MLGW’s newly formed Outage Improvement Advisory Team held its first meeting Thursday to discuss ways to prevent widespread outages.

Six weeks ago, ice covered the region leading to widespread damage and power outages, leaving more than 235,000 people were without power.

Just over a month later, Memphis Light, Gas and Water is using the experience as an opportunity to improve. 

“We are walking in lock step with our customers to ensure that we are doing things to make things better,” said MLGW CEO JT Young.

After nearly 235,000 MLGW customers were left in the cold with no power, the company formed an advisory team made up of community members and city leaders to discuss ways to reduce outages.

“It’s really gonna help us to be certain that we’re doing things with the community in mind so the stakeholders that we have involved in this, I think will help us to do that,” Young said.

During the meeting, the Outage Improvement Advisory team discussed how MLGW’s electrical system works. Eventually, discussions will turn into recommendations for the company to consider. It’s a process members believe is vital.

Patrice Robinson is a member of the Outage Improvement Advisory team.

“It’s important for our city moving forward that we understand the challenges that the company has as it relates to what’s going on with our utilities, with outages, with acts of nature,” Robinson said.

Data from MLGW shows outages have decreased by nearly 20 percent since 2019. 

MLGW plans to re-evaluate their restoration plan and damage assessment strategy as well as enhance communication.

“We know that power is not just electricity, it’s hope,” JT Young said.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 31st. If you would like to watch any of the discussions, MLGW will have the meeting streaming on their YouTube page.

MLGW customers are also invited to ask questions and provide feedback about tree trimming, underground lines, response time and more on their website.