MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Light, Gas, and Water will help assist customers with their delayed billing issues at their downtown community office on Saturday.

Information on assistance programs such as weatherization, energy efficiency kits, and financial assistance through the Community Services Agency or the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association will also be available.

MLGW customers need to bring a valid picture ID and can park in the Beale Street Landing garage for free. However, customers must bring their parking stubs into the community office for a security officer to validate them.

This comes after many customers voiced their concerns at September’s MLGW board meeting.

“The billing process I feel is totally unacceptable,” said Rhonda Gray, MLGW customer. “Since April, I have not received a bill or the bill that I have received is zero. I knew that I owed, but why would you be sending me zero bills and later on send me a bill for x amount of dollars?”

“I received a bill on August 21 for $1,381.06 showing I used an electric of $900.00. That can’t be right,” said Barbara Pierotti, another MLGW customer.

But at a recent meeting, MLGW says progress is being made with delayed billing decreasing from 96,262 to 28,699 and it says help is on the way for customers.

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“We will be putting requests in for additional staff for what I call the new normal because, obviously, our conditions have changed,” said Timothy Davis, MLGW Vice President of Customer Experience and Energy Services.

“MLGW has come to you with solutions,” Davis said. “We have ripped the band-aid off and tried to move some big boulders here because of challenges that have impacted our customers. We have owned it. We have taken accountability for it, and we have been transparent about it.”

The downtown community office is located at 245 South Main Street and will be open from 8 a.m. until noon on September 30.

MLGW says customers can schedule an appointment to see a credit counselor in person by using the QLESS app or scheduling online here.