MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Chances are you’ve probably thought at one time or another that your Memphis Light, Gas and Water bill was too high, but how would you like to get a $14,000 bill?

It’s probably hard for Vivian Thomas to be calm, especially after she recently went to Memphis Light, Gas, and Water and asked for her bill.

“When she printed me out the bill, I almost passed out. I turned the bill over to see and said, ‘This can’t be me,'” she said. “It’s physically made me ill. I am going to the doctor this week. I’m trying to be calm.”

Her name was on the bill, and so was the amount that was due — $14,000.

“My utility bill doesn’t even be $200 a month and this is ridiculous, and it’s time now for them to get this problem solved,” Thomas said.

Thomas said what’s even more confusing is her water usage.

“I got a $13,000 water bill, and I know that’s utterly ridiculous, and I just want a corrected bill,” she said.

Thomas said the last MLGW bill she received was back in February regarding her December usage.

“They told me back in December they couldn’t get an accurate reading on my water meter, and this what they’re telling me every month,” she said.

She said a plumber checked for water leaks and didn’t find any.

“They sent me a letter back a couple of months ago saying I had an excessive utility bill, I need to check this and check that and check this, which I did. I had no leaks. I didn’t know excessive meant 13 thousand dollars,” Thomas said.

WREG reached out to Memphis Light, Gas and Water. In a statement, they said, “We are still working to correct bills that resulted in “exceptions” due to faulty meter registers. Ms. Thomas has been in contact with us and we are working to correct her bill.”

Until they do, Vivian Thomas said she’s turning to WREG to help solve her problem.

“Everybody was telling me call Channel Three news, call all of them. You all are the first ones I called this morning, and Alex Coleman answered the phone and you came right out, and I just truly appreciate you all for caring enough cause I’m telling you from my heart this has worn me down,” she said.

Memphis Light, Gas and Water said some customers have had delayed bills and, in some cases, multiple bills or excessively high bills. For billing questions, give them a call at 901-544-6549.

In the meantime, if you’ve had an outrageously high MLGW bill or have a news tip to share with us, you can give us a call at 901-543-2333.