MEMPHIS, Tenn. — While some are making out of the first snowfall of the season, others are left to deal with its impact.

Emotions boiling over for thousands of MLGW customers without power as a result of the storms from New Year’s Day and Sunday.

“I feel like MLGW need to be coming to fix it like right now cause it’s real, real cold in the house, like 20 degrees,”

MLGW said restoration efforts have been delayed as a result of several damaged trees across the region. In a statement they said in part,”Overall,  the weather today has had minimal impact on our crews. Crews will work as quickly and safely as possible..”

Along East Shelby drive is where the majority of the outages are. WREG captured video of a utility pole engulfed in flames, which is believed to be the cause of the problem.

Neighbors say the outages are not uncommon.

“It’s every time it gets cold, every time it rains. Every time someone hits a light pole down there, It also goes out so it was pretty often. It was out about two to three weeks ago,” one storm victim told us.

Giving the frequent nature of the outages, Shelby County Commissioner Van Turner hopes for a long-term solution to the problems that his constituents are facing.

“I think there are some things that at play to maybe see if they can be improved and hopefully it can be,” Shelby County Commissioner Van Turner said. “The silver lining again is that it’s snowing and it’s the snow that we missed last weekend and so hopefully we can look on the brighter side of things.”

Amid the cold weather and outages, it is impacting less than one percent of MLGW customers.