MEMPHIS, Tenn.– MLGW crews are making progress after thousands of customers woke up in the dark after storms knocked out power across Shelby County. 

Utility trucks rolled down U.S Hwy 64 near Morning Sun Road in Cordova where downed power lines line the road. Utility workers from across the region came together to brainstorm a game plan to tackle the massive job.

Sabrina Shook lives around the corner from the downed power lines. We found her sitting in her SUV in her driveway with her son trying to stay warm after the power went out around eight last night.

“Hopefully, it’ll be resolved soon and everyone will get back to normal and we’ll get back to being warm and fully charged electronics,” she said. “You don’t know what a storms going to do when it blows through. You don’t know what it’s going to take down. You don’t know what damage it’s going to cause.”

Tuesday night’s storm caused minimal damage across Memphis but left thousands of people and businesses without power for hours. At its peak, more than 6,000 MLGW customers were without power. One of the hardest hit areas was in the Cordova – Wolfchase area.

Just down the road from Shook’s home, traffic lights were out and causing major delays for morning commuters. Further south, flooding slowed down traffic on Mount Moriah.

MLGW said crews worked throughout the night to assess any damage and restore power to as many customers as fast as possible.

“If MLGW could get what they need to do infrastructure repairs that perhaps could cut down on a lot of the outages that we do have during the storms,” Shook said.

We reached out to MLGW to see where they are in their restoration process, and we’re still waiting for an answer. However, they say if you are still experiencing an outage, call 901-544-6500 to report it. You’re also encouraged to call 528-4465 to report any downed power lines or gas leaks.