MEMPHIS, Tenn.– MLGW crews are still cleaning up after this weekend’s storm brought high winds and freezing temperatures to the Mid-South.

It’s a work zone in the neighborhood off Humes Monday afternoon as MLGW crews are clearing the streets and sidewalks of debris.

It’s a welcoming sight after the weekend chaos.

“I mean it was just crazy. Like a movie.”

A movie Younousse Boucher doesn’t want to see again. 

She was on her porch and watched as utility pole after utility pole came down. 

“It was like a domino effect. That one fell, BOOM, then that one fell, smoke, sparks,” she said. “Then the whole neighborhood came out, everyone started talking to each other.”

Everyone was anxiously hoping they wouldn’t have to sit in the dark long in freezing temperatures. 

“The minute the rain stopped around maybe 8, Saturday p.m. They just came out and started fixing. All night you could hear the drilling, the booming, I was so glad they were here,” Boucher said.

She said at one point Sunday she considered getting a hotel for her family but they decided to wait it out. 

“I got the kids inside I said, ‘lets huddle in the bed. Let’s just keep warm, it’s probably going to come back,” she said. “Then around 9 p.m. it came back. I could just come out and kiss them all! Like oh God, thank God!”

Saying she’s thankful to have power back would be an understatement.

“I’m very proud of the city actually. I said, ‘oh wow and I’m glad they came. Snow, ice, rain, they were out here,” Boucher said. “I told my kids I am not going to complain for the rest of 2022, whatever happens.”

At last check on the MLGW outage map, there are customers that are still without power.