MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A family visiting Memphis is left shocked and disappointed after their car was ransacked and important sports gear inside was stolen.

While one family was eating, bowling, and playing at the Main Event Entertainment on Appling Farms, thieves were breaking into their car.

Nancy Brown says her family is from Springfield, Missouri. They were in Memphis because of her 9-year-old grandson’s soccer tournament. 

“They have a good team and they had won two games. So, they were all excited and then they get to go to the Main Event, which is very exciting for them,” she said. “And then somebody breaks into the car and takes their stuff. They stole the kids’ soccer jerseys and cleats.”

Memphis Police say multiple cars in the event center parking lot were broken into after 7 p.m. Wednesday night. 

“It’s just really pathic people can’t even enjoy their time with families without having to worry about, you know, losing some of their own property, something that they worked hard for,” said Memphis resident Brittney Hobbs.

According to the City of Memphis Data Hub, there have been 53 car-related incidents in that area so far this year.

“I mean there’s always a lot of kids that go to a place like that with their parents and I would just hate for that to happen to someone else, especially when they’re quite a few miles away from home,” Brown said.

Brown’s thoughts were echoed by those also living closer to home.  

“I just really pray the situation changes because I have a lot of love for my city as a Memphis native and I don’t want it to continue down the path that we are going,” Hobbs said.

WREG reached out to Main Event for a statement and will update this story when we hear back.