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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A family is seeking justice and answers after a 16-year-old girl from Mississippi was shot and killed in Parkway Village Monday night.

Takiyah Nelson’s sweet smile is one her family will never forget.

Takiyah Nelson (photo provided by the Nelson family)

“Every time I wake up I just see her face,” said her mother Diane Nelson. “That was my baby so I wouldn’t wish this on nobody.”

Memphis Police said around 8 p.m. officers responded to a shooting at a home on Curtis Street. Nelson said Takiyah died after being shot in the head.

“Why would you even pick up a gun to shoot at an innocent baby because my baby didn’t deserve this? My baby gave it she had it she gave,” she said.

Nelson told WREG Takiyah, who just turned 16 the week before, was visiting her from Batesville, Mississippi. She said she dropped her off at the house to hang out with one of her friend’s daughters while she was at work.

“It was supposed to be like a sleepover because it’s the holidays,” she said. “It’s just like killing me. It’s hard to trust people around your kids.”

Police said one male was detained. However, no charges have been filed. WREG obtained surveillance video that shows three people running away from the home with emergency sirens sounding seconds later.

Takiyah’s cousin Helenor Wade said the family wants justice.

“If people are running as sirens are coming up then they had to have done something that they had no business. Whoever ran had to be involved,” Wade said.

Nelson said it’s just painful knowing her daughter will never dance again or become who she was destined to be.

“I just want to tell people love on your babies because I never thought I’d have to bury mine this early,” she said.

The family is now trying to raise money to pay for Takiyah’s funeral. If you would like to help, click here.