COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — A Mississippi man driving on Interstate 269 thought he had a tire blowout but now believes his tire was shot out.

A routine drive along Interstate 269 near Collierville Tuesday morning left one driver stunned. David asked WREG to only use his first name, but he told us over the phone what happened when he passed an 18-wheeler and white Chrysler 300 around 8:30 a.m.

“I moved into the fast lane to pass these two vehicles which were not keeping up a steady speed,” David said. “As I got around the white car and beside the 18-wheeler, I heard a loud pop.”

David thought his tire had blown out.

“I heard this loud pop, and I was listening to the radio and my audio system told me I was losing air in the tire. It was giving a warning signal to get your attention and get off the road,” David said.

He says he pulled over at Highway 72 and 269 while the car and 18-wheeler kept going.

“I thought I had a blowout. At no time did I think it was anything other than a blowout,” David said.

But when he took the tire to the shop, he says workers told him it was no blowout.

“Technician and a sales manager at the tire dealership advised me that the tire had been shot, cause I was gonna get the tire replaced,” David said.

 He says they told him because of the angle and size, it was a bullet hole. The tire had been shot.

“My stomach came up to my throat,” David said. “If their aim would have been up higher and to the right a bit, it would have come through my window and went through the back of my head.”

But David said since he had no description of the people who fired the shot and so much time passed as he was changing the tire, he didn’t bother with calling the police.

“I didn’t want to waste law enforcement and police officer’s time because they have more important things to deal with without somebody saying ‘Hey, I got shot at,'” David said.

But he did go on social media to post what happened as a warning to others.

“It could save somebody’s life, just by saying ‘Hey, pay attention to what you are doing, what’s around you, and pay attention to those that are around you, and where you are going,'” David said. “If it saves one life, it’s worth it.”

Now he wonders if it was road rage or if was he targeted so he would pull over and be robbed. It was a close call either way, and he hopes it serves as a warning for all drivers.

“Road rage will get you killed,” David said.

WREG contacted the Memphis Police Department and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. They said they weren’t aware of any shots fired around that area of 269.