MILLINGTON, Tenn. — Millington Police are looking for the burglars who hit a pawn and jewelry store overnight.

This incident happened at Millington Pawn and Jewelry Shop in the 4700 block of Navy Road.

A newer version of the red Chrysler 300 was smashed into the building and left there. It is believed the suspect got away in another car. 

WREG spoke to the business owner. He tells us he won’t be aware of what the thieves took until he does his inventory. The owner did say the suspects did not take guns, though.

He said the business would be closed for the remainder of the week.

One resident, Fernando Reyes, says he has noticed crime increasing in the area lately.

“The break-ins started in Covington a couple of weeks ago,” Reyes said. “They hit 51’s Liquor– busted the window and a bunch of liquor got stolen. Last week, 51 Pawn got hit just the same way. They backed a truck into the store and they got away with so many handguns and pistols – it’s ridiculous.”

We have reached out to Millington Police and are waiting to hear back.