MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tenants at one Whitehaven apartment complex said they’re melting in these sweltering temperatures because the air conditioning in their units is out.

They told WREG they’ve tried to get help from property management, but no fix has come for the people at the Mill Creek apartments.

Now, they’re calling it a safety hazard.

With excessive heat warnings across the Mid-South, extreme temperatures can be deadly. For this woman, who asked to remain anonymous, it’s even harder to escape the dangerous temps. 

“It’s too hot outside for it to be hot in your house,” the woman said.

She said the AC is out in her unit at the Mill Creek apartments. 

“[It’s] very uncomfortable. Like at night it’s so hot and muggy,” she said.

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This is a problem she’s been dealing with for weeks. The issue is so bad that AC has started leaking. The woman shared pictures from inside the apartment, where she’s trying to protect the floor.

We asked if she had put in complaints or work orders regarding the leak.

“Yes, I put in complaints, I called the supervisor, I’ve been asking for corporate office, they givin me some number,” the woman said. “They’re just givin me the runaround.”

Another woman we talked to on the phone showed us where the temperature inside her home over the weekend was over 80 degrees. 

She has two children, one of them with asthma. 

“I can’t even have my kids with me right now,” the woman said. “They have to be with their dad because it’s so hot in my apartment.” 

We reached out to apartment management to try to get some answers. 

“We’ve had several people reach out to our station concerned because they don’t have air conditioning. Is there anything being done to fix this?” Shay asked.

The woman who answered the phone put us on hold, then later said someone would call back. 

“Nobody want to be in heat when you’re paying your bills on time,” one of the women told us.

So far, we have not heard back from management. We will update this story if or when we do.

Later Wednesday afternoon, the woman sent WREG this image showing that her system looks to be on but it’s registering more than 90 degrees.