BARTLETT, Tenn. — What started twenty years ago with a few decorations at a couple of houses on a Bartlett cove has now turned into the largest Halloween display in the Memphis area.

Halloween Cove in Bartlett

Halloween Cove at Domino Cove and Springtree Drive in the Rockyford Subdivision has its own Facebook page and gets tens of thousands of visitors during the month of October.

It’s all a big dress rehearsal for Halloween night, where the ghoulish and elaborate scenes attract at least 5,000 trick-or-treaters and their parents.

“It started with the guy next door,” said Eddie Davenport. “He put up some styrofoam headstones. So my wife went out and got some stuff, and it started spreading around the cove.”

Davenport said they kept it going even through the pandemic and said others in the community have made it possible. With the help of donations, neighbors were able to hand out 3,000 pieces of candy last year.

Domino Cove in Bartlett

The neighborhood event also raises money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“We come out every night,” Davenport said from his garage. “It gets bigger and bigger.”

The Bartlett homeowners are the only ones going all out for Halloween this year.

Jonathon Leonard estimates over the last six years, he’s spent $6,000 on the store-bought and custom-made spooky figures that cover his lawn on Peabody Avenue in Memphis.

“It’s the best holiday of the year. I think people are getting to enjoy it again,” said Leonard. “We’ve had a huge crowd of trick-or-treaters.”

In Cordova, a homeowner is getting lots of attention for the ghost pirate ship outside his house on Riverwood Parkway.

Steven Smith said he’s been decorating his house for the last five years for Halloween and said it took him two weeks to put the display together.

In Hernando, Mississippi, fireman Devin Northrip also went big this year with a giant robotic dinosaur and set that looks like it’s straight out of Jurassic Park.

“We have the original Jurassic Park jeep here, we built a velociraptor raptor cage, and we have a real raptor inside the cage,” Northrip said.

Northrip said it took 120 person-hours to put it all together, and he and his wife did most of the work.

Northrip said he used to be a professional actor, and there is nothing he likes more than putting on a good show for the Halloween-loving community.

“I don’t know if our neighbors love us or hate us. Especially with the crowds,” said Northrip. “But if you ask any of my neighbors around here, they will tell you we typically go out for Halloween.”

He said it cost him around $8,000 to recreate Jurassic Park in his front yard.