MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Many did what they could to beat the scorching heat Sunday.

A splash pad at Peabody Park was packed with young and old. They were all huddled under the cool spouts.

“Hot, hot, hot!” screamed one uncle who decided to bring his niece there.

Other parents had the same idea.

“Trying to beat the heat. Trying to stay cool,” Teuntae Every said. “Because it’s more than 96 degrees today. I know the kids don’t want to be stuck up in the house bored.”

Across town, a cooling center opened at the Marion Hale Community Center. Officials told WREG only two people took advantage, but they had space and water for many more.

They say they’ll be watching the weather this week to figure out what else they can offer to keep people safe. They haven’t said if they will be opening another cooling center.

A Memphis Fire Department spokesperson said they haven’t see a spike in heat-related calls.

They just hope people limit time outside, stay hydrated and check on their neighbors and the elderly since the scorching temps are sticking around this week.

Experts are also warning utility bills across the country will be high as summer arrives due to natural gas supplies, extreme heat and supply chain chaos.

Memphis Light Gas and Water says you can lower your bill by setting your thermostat to 78. Each degree below that adds 6% to your cooling costs.

It recommends using fans to move air inside your home, because it gives the sensation that it’s five degrees cooler. Also, shade windows on the sunny side of your home.