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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County could see up to a half inch of ice over the next couple of days, and experts say they’re hoping for the best but encouraging people to prepare for the worst. 

Mother Nature is at it again and shoppers at the Kroger in East Memphis say after last time they’re a little more prepared, especially after last month’s storm that had such a major impact on the city’s water system.

“I’ve already got my grocery shopping done so now I’m just going to ride it out,” said shopper Walter Hale.

It was only a month ago we saw record cold days, resulting in freezing temperatures, bursting pipes, and a nearly week-long water advisory.

Deputy Administrator Charles Newell for Shelby County Emergency Management Agency says his team is getting ready. 

“This particular time, just paying attention to the temperatures, I don’t think the temperatures are going to get down as low as in December,” Newell said.

But still, Newell urges caution and advises people to cover their faucets, let the water drip, and leave their cabinets open so the heat can reach the pipes.

Newell also said to stock up on food, water, and batteries just in case. He said you do your part, and his team will do theirs. 

“I’ve talked to TDOT and they will be out treating roads before the freezing rain moves into the area,” he said. “They will also have the help trucks, the trucks you see on the road that bring gas and tires, they will be out all night.”

The Tennessee Valley Authority also posted some tips on Twitter to help keep residents safe during the icy conditions.

According to City of Memphis Public Works, they have 7,000 tons of salt and sand available with 14 trucks ready to go to prep the roads. 

If you see one of these trucks, they ask people to leave 200 feet of space. 

MLGW also said they will have extra crews on standby should we have any major issues and many schools and businesses are already preparing for closures on Tuesday. For a full list of closures, click here.