MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Triple digit temps aren’t letting up, and there’s concern if the power grids can handle the increase in demand.

On Monday, that demand from the Tennessee Valley Authority and their local power companies broke a nearly-decade old record. Since then, it hasn’t really let up.

The TVA told us it’s confident the public power grid “remains safe and secure,” and the system will continue to “perform well.”

“TVA has been running right around 30,000 watts this past week,” said Alonzo Weaver.

Weaver is the chief operating officer for Memphis Light Gas and Water, which gets its electricity from the TVA.

He says they prepare by monitoring system loads. Right now, he sid there’s enough energy to meet the need, but they are recommending customers cut back on their usage to prevent problems from popping up.

“Collectively when we work together and reduce our consumption, the system is able to maintain itself a little better,” Weaver said.

The same sentiment over at Entergy Arkansas.

“It’s a supply-demand issue. It’s just not hot here. It’s hot throughout the South,” Entergy communications manager Kacee Kirschvink said. “If something happens unexpectedly, that supply could drastically be reduced so therefore we ask customers conserve electricity.”

She offered tips like turning your thermostat up to 78, keep your blinds closed and fans running to keep air circulating. Hold off doing your laundry or using appliances during peak afternoon hours.

Tips that will also prevent your bill from being sky high.

“Do your wallet a favor and your neighbor a favor, try to conserve during the heat of the day,” she said.

The City of West Memphis, Arkansas has been supplying power to residents through its own company since 1940.

City spokeman Nick Coulter said the system is being continually monitored, and is working well.

“We are happy to report that our system is operating at an optimal level, with no issues to report at this time,” he said.