PANOLA CO., Miss — While the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi worsens, there is an all-out effort to get clean water to Jackson’s citizens.

At South Panola High School in Batesville, a simple question from a ROTC cadet sparked a school-wide drive to collect water for people in Jackson, Mississippi.

“One of the guy’s said, ‘Hey, ya’ll seen the problem with Jackson water, they don’t have water?” said Tech Sgt. Rodney Williams. “They guy’s like, ‘that’s messed up.'”

Williams, who runs the school’s Air Force ROTC program, immediately liked the idea but wanted to make it flow more efficiently.

“Let’s get a mission together, do it as we do a military mission and run with it,” Williams said. “Their goal is to have 7,500 gallons of water to deliver to Jackson. They wanted to make two trips to Jackson and that’s their goal, to bring that much water.”

Since Tuesday, they’ve collected hundreds of gallons. The water drive has even sparked a friendly competition between other class clubs and sports teams.

South Panola’s principal says he couldn’t be prouder of what his students are doing for strangers in need.

“It kind of warmed my heart that our students feel that kind, want to take care of others,” said Principal Jason Matthews. “Phenomenal job putting everything together. As you can see, the amount of water we’ve collected in two days is baffling.”

Twenty-five miles East in Oxford, the streets around the Square are buzzing with crowds anticipating Saturday’s football matchup between the Rebels and Troy. Oxford Police are hoping to use the event to encourage fans to donate a case of water to Jackson residents.

OPD posted the water drive on social media, directing water to be dropped off at the Coach Howell Activity Center on Pine Street.

“We thought the game and all the people that would come in would be a great opportunity to say, ‘Hey, while we’re having all these people coming in town, why doesn’t everybody grab a case of water,'” said Breck Jones, Oxford PD public information officer.

Oxford Police aren’t sure when they’ll deliver the water to Jackson, but Batesville students plan on making two trips starting next Saturday.