MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two women are dead after a house in Whitehaven caught on fire Monday morning.

According to reports, the fire happened around 10:47 a.m. in the 4900 block of Hancock Drive.

“We do know that this call had come in from someone who had reported hearing over the phone from one of the victims that their house was on fire,” said Qwanesha Ward, Memphis Fire Department.

Once on the scene, officials found two women, ages 85 and 66, trapped inside the home. MFD said they were taken to the hospital in critical condition and later died.

“I just saw the fire and the smoke and I was trying to pass down that street and I couldn’t so I just stopped out of concern to see what was going on,” said Dr. Carnell Lewis.

MFD said the fire was ruled an accidental electrical fire that started at two separate locations in the house. The total damage was estimated at $200,000.

“Keep putting that message out there that if you do have a space heater, that’s something that you do utilize in your home to stay warm, that you have it at least three to five feet from anything that can burn. Never go to sleep with that space heater on, leave it unattended because that’s when we see the fires that start in the middle of the night,” said the Memphis Fire Department.

MFD said residents can apply for a free smoke alarm by calling the Fire Museum of Memphis at 901-636-5650 or applying online here.

This is a developing story. WREG will provide updates as they become available.