MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Employees at Methodist North Hospital are demanding better protection after they say a string of car break-ins has left them with thousands of dollars in damage.

Employees say break-ins are nothing new for the hospital. However, it appears it’s happening more often, which is alarming to them.

“It has recently picked up to where it’s almost daily,” said a Methodist employee.

Hospitals across the Mid-South are already overwhelmed with patients, and now another type of outbreak is raging in the city.

“It’s not worth coming to work, being mistreated by patients, and going outside and see that your vehicle has been broken into,” said an employee.

One employee says workers are mainly targeted and feels the hospital is not doing enough to protect them.

The employee said, “Help us out, have some sort of responsibility. We’re showing you the problem, we’re showing you where the problem lies, and nothing is being done.”

Despite security on the property, employees say it has not made a difference, forcing some to consider seeking employment elsewhere if the problems continue.

“We’re all very angry, very angry because something has to give. It’s to the point where I would park somewhere else and take my chance walking on the highway. I would absolutely find another job if I could,” said the employee.

WREG has reached out to Methodist officials for a response and is waiting to hear back.

In a statement, Sarah Farley, a spokesperson for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, told us that the healthcare system will enhance its safety measures at its facilities.

We all must work together to combat crime in which we live and work. Campus security and the safety of our employees remains our top priority. We continue to enhance our security measures in and around our facilities, including placement of additional cameras, increased lighting, installing metal detectors in our emergency rooms and restricting access into our facilities. Last, we are partnering with local enforcement to provide increased security presence on our campuses. We also provide comprehensive training and education on situational awareness and the importance of staying vigilant. We share their frustration. Unfortunately, auto thefts and break ins are on the rise across the country and Memphis is a microcosm of what we are seeing nationwide. It is unfortunate that our caregivers who are dedicating their lives to helping those who are sick and vulnerable are being victimized. If you witness this shameful behavior, please contact local police.