MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Meter issues are leading to big bills for some Memphis Light, Gas, and Water customers, with some jumping by hundreds of dollars.

Whitehaven resident Lisa Green says her frustration is growing as she struggles to get answers from Memphis, Light, Gas, and Water.

“She was like ‘I don’t make the bill, I just send them out.’ What?” Green said.

Green sent WREG a photo of her current bill: $972. She also sent screenshots of her usual $200 or $300 bills. She says the changes stem from MLGW’s meter issues.

“Yesterday’s bill for $600, today $900. I don’t know where they are getting these prices from,” Green said.

An Arlington resident is also asking questions after her bill went from $428 to $909 to $1,400. She didn’t want to be identified.

“I’m a working person just like anyone else in this city. I don’t have money just sitting around to pay bills,” she said.

WREG reached out to MLGW for answers. The company said customers will receive multiple bills in a short period of time until they receive the most current meter reading. Plus, each bill will have any previous month’s unpaid balance.

For Green, that’s $972. For an Arlington resident, that’s $1,402.

“Some people can’t pay that,” Green said. “It’s fortunate I can, but I shouldn’t have to.”

In the midst of meter issues, MLGW customers have also dealt with numerous power outages this summer going days in the heat with no chill in their bills.

“This past summer, five to six times we went without, so I just get a hotel, but I still get a high bill,” Green said.

MLGW says customers should pay attention to the most recent bill, which should include all charges.