MEMPHIS, Tenn.– The men seen in a viral video dumping a U-Haul full of garbage in a Parkway Village neighborhood are asking for forgiveness.

For days, many wondered who’s responsible for a pile of garbage in a Parkway Village neighborhood.

On Friday, 21-year-old Armon Fields and 20-year-old Vrezun Tye said they are the two men who unloaded garbage from a U-Haul and dumped it in a field. It turns out they work for a junk removal company and were looking for a quick drop off spot.

“First and for most we wanna apologize for our wrongdoings. We know that it was wrong and we wanna apologize to the city of Memphis, the county and the tax payers for what we did,” Fields said.

Shelby County leaders said they reached out shortly after the incident to apologize and wanted to make amends. For Armon Fields, this has been a learning experience.

“Never take shortcuts in business, just do everything legit and if something isn’t tangible you just gotta be patient and never take short cuts,” Fields said.

Despite the lesson, consequences lie ahead. Commissioner Eddie Jones said the two will appear in environmental court to learn their fate, which likely will be a fine. 

“Stepping up to right the wrongs that they did didn’t stop the process for what they did, but it’s gonna give them a better outlook on how to remove trash and debris,” Jones said.

The men are starting by taking pride in their community.

“We know what we did was not okay and we are fully dedicated to writings our wrongs and starting by going to pick up what we dropped off,” Tye said.

No date has been set for when they will appear in environments court. Commissioner Turner has offered to represent them free of charge after Friday’s apology.