MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A terrifying moment happened outside a Frayser church when two men were robbed at gunpoint on Monday morning around 11:30 a.m.

The incident happened at Our Lady of Sorrows on Thomas Street. Church employees had to lock the doors to the church and hide inside for safety. Two men who work for a tree cutting company were at the church on a job.

Police said a man in a mask jumped out of a silver SUV and put a gun to one of the workers heads and stole five of the chainsaws that the workers were using. Investigators said the gunman jumped back in the SUV with a woman driver who sped off.

One of the workers took cell phone video of the vehicle driving away and called the church to warn employees that someone with a gun was in the area. Church employees then locked the doors until the police arrived. Eileen Monroe is one of those employees.

“I said a little mental prayer,” Monroe said. “I said ‘Lord, I’m going to lock the door, but I know I’m going to be okay because you’re here with me and I know I’m going to be safe.”

The worker who had the gun put to his head talked with WREG but doesn’t want to be identified.

“Thank God we’re all okay,” he said.

It’s also fortunate the Catholic school on property is on Christmas break.

“Because (the students) go outside and play on the playground,” church secretary Carolyn Roberts said. “It could have been really bad.”

Police are still looking for the gunman and his accomplice.

If you know anything about this incident, you are urged to call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.