MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A Memphis woman took matters into her own hands after her car was stolen twice in one day.

Tiffany Lowe’s car was parked on a South Memphis street Tuesday when she came out to find it was gone. The thieves didn’t get far — the car broke down.

That was just the first problem of many. 

In a police report, Lowe said the suspects hot-wired the car and when she found it a few blocks away, it was messed up. She then had it towed back to her house.

But four hours later, it was stolen again. Lowe called police again.

She said she didn’t see anyone around the car, and the keys were not left inside. Police did a check and said the vehicle was not towed.

But this time, Lowe decided to go looking for the vehicle on her own. She didn’t have to look far. She said she spotted her car, and other Kias, parked in the College Park Apartments.

Lowe told WREG she wondered if it was some type of chop shop, but police said they recovered no other vehicles from that location.

Those who live at the apartments said it’s a quiet community, but nothing surprises them.

“Don’t surprise me, because they do it everywhere,” a neighbor said. “They bring a car or get a car here and bring it here to get the car here and bring it down. I don’t know anything about what’s going on in the world today.”

Lowe got her car back and is in the process of getting it repaired, but she’s still in disbelief over the brazen criminals who were bold enough to strike not just once, but twice.

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As of Wednesday evening, there is still no word on who might be responsible for stealing Lowe’s car. If you know anything about this incident, you are urged to contact CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.