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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Pam Moses took the stand and testified in her own sentencing hearing centered around an illegal voting case on Wednesday.

She faces 4 to 8 years after being convicted of presenting false documents restoring her voting rights when she is a convicted felon whose voting rights have been stripped forever.

“I accept full responsibility for my actions. I have been held accountable. I been in jail since December 10th,” Moses said.

Moses maintained she thought her voting rights had been restored.

“I did not falsify anything. All I did was try to get my rights to vote back the way the people at the election commission told me and the way the clerk did,” she said.

But that set off Judge Mark Ward, who is sentencing Moses.

“You tricked the probation department into giving you documents saying you were off probation,” he said.

Judge Ward drilled Moses over her past convictions and the fact that she was already on probation when she committed the voting crime.

“After you were convicted of a felony in 2015, you voted 6 times as a convicted felon,” he said.

Pam Moses’ new attorney called 3 witnesses who testified to Pam Moses’ character and if given alternative sentencing, she is already approved for diversion programs that will keep her with her family who needs her.

“In my personal opinion it would be a shame to waste her good traits which can be so beneficial to her family and her community by being in a jail,” said Lawrence Pivnick, a character witness.

The hearing turned contentious when Moses’ lawyer tried to tell the court about the probation department’s role.

“Your honor let me school the court for a second,” the attorney said.

“You need to stop talking sir. Sit down! Sit down!” the judge responded.

The trial continued after that confrontation. It wrapped up a short time later.

Judge Mark Ward said he will give a written decision on Pam Moses’ sentence on Monday.