MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A week of tragedy across the Mid-South ended with an evening of reflection Friday.

The room was packed as West Memphis mayor Marco McClendon led a night of prayer for the victims of Wednesday’s shooting rampage.

One victim hit closer to home for West Memphis: Allison Parker, a medical assistant in the city.

“To the victims’ families, know this. We will bring you the closure that you deserve, no matter how long it takes,” a West Memphis Police officer said.

As West Memphis prays for victims in the violent shooting rampage, across the bridge, Memphians join together in remembrance of Eliza Fletcher.  

Balloons, candles and food lined an abandoned home in South Memphis that was once lined with crime scene tape.

Police say Fletcher was abducted and murdered. Her body was found at the abandoned home Monday.

“That touched me,” said Josephine McGhee. “I never heard about that in Memphis. It hurt me real bad, and I didn’t know what to do.”

The region is coming together after a week that has changed the lives of many.

“We stand together, unified that we are going to do all we can to stop the violence in the city,” McClendon said.