Update: Ezekiel Kelly made his first court appearance in this case Friday. See coverage here.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG)— We are digging to learn more about the teen accused of a deadly shooting rampage that went from Memphis into Mississippi.

Ezekiel Kelly, 19, is no stranger to law enforcement. But Kelly is a stranger to the person now living at the Hitchcock Street house the teen may have once called home.

The man now renting the house told WREG he’s feeling a bit uneasy.  Just 24 hours before, the man, who moved in a week ago, received several unexpected visitors.

“I saw a couple of police running around, running around. I did not know why at all,” said Toms Garakat.

As it turns out, the house, according to court records, was listed as an address in which accused murderer Kelly once lived.

Garakat had no idea. In fact, he was unaware the shootings even happened.

“One police car pulled up and started asking questions saying someone was shooting people, and I was like oh wow,” Garakat said. “I’m like the police are out here, I know a lot about the police, and this may not turn out good. But then I talked to them and that was pretty much it.”

Garakat says at one point police were asking if he may have been the man responsible for creating the chaos.

“In my mind, I was like ‘Oh wow. This ain’t me, I would never do anything like that, never,'” Garakat said. They were like ‘The address of his, came back over here.'”

Never did he think he would also share something in common with the one person accused of wreaking havoc on thousands across Memphis into Mississippi.

“I don’t know nobody around here,” Garakat said.

 A woman in the neighborhood told us she was unfamiliar with the teen, who’s now accused of murdering several people while leaving others injured.