MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Seven Memphis Starbucks employees who were fired earlier this year reflected on their journey and expressed a sense of gratitude after a federal judge ruled the coffee giant must give them their jobs back.

On the heels of the decision, the Memphis Seven returned outside of the store to declare victory.

A federal judge ruled in their favor Thursday, and now they must be rehired by next week after leading efforts to unionize their store.

Beto Sanchez is one of the seven employees terminated back in February. What he is most proud of since they were fired is that hundreds of Starbucks across the country have been able to unionize, including his store along Poplar.

“It’s the courage of these workers that have been failed by this system that are now being an example to workers everywhere. We’re picking up where a lot of workers have been left behind or they have been failed by the system now we’re seeing the fruits of this labor,” Sanchez said. “Today has been a good example that we been able to see what happens when we have the power of people being able to push against companies like Starbucks.”

While these employees and supporters are celebrating the decision, Starbucks is already making plans to appeal the decision.

In a statement, the company said, “We strongly disagree with the judge’s ruling in this case. These individuals violated numerous policies and failed to maintain a secure work environment and safety standards.”

As the coffee giant continues legal proceedings, Nikki Taylor, one of the employees, is already looking ahead to the future.

“I am so happy, I’m so ready to get back there with my partners, so ready to get back there with the new partners, back in there with my regulars, I’m ecstatic to be back,” Taylor said.

Back after six months of uncertainty and more determined than ever to continue their mission.

“We are going to keep fighting and keep this going for workers everywhere,” Sanchez said.

No date has been set for when they will get back to work. We will be keeping a close eye on any new rulings so be sure to stick with us on this developing story.