MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Twenty four hours after the rain, some neighborhoods are questioning the city’s preparedness with the latest round of severe weather.

In a matter of a few hours, heavy rain fell across Memphis leaving drivers stranded across the city.

Leading up to the storms, officials spoke about their preparedness.

“We spent time making sure that there is no blockages or obstruction to those and that they are working properly,” Robert Knecht said, Memphis’ Public Works Director.

Robert Knecht told WREG they prioritize 40 locations known to flood. While the water has gone down in most of those spots, that’s is not the case in Westwood.

The sight of standing water near the intersection of Tonto Drive and Third Street has residents like Peggy Roberson thinking the city should reevaluate its strategy. 

“It’s not that deep but it’s deep on out there,” Roberson said. “I think that the city should do they job to make everybody happy, not just some people, everybody.”

Residents in Westwood said the issue of flooding didn’t start with yesterday’s weather. It’s something that has been going on for several years and the most frustrating thing is they say their concerns have gone unheard.

“We’re sad that city don’t listen to us in small communities, we are really sad, we are really sad that we vote people in office that they do not hear our cry,” Roberson said.  

WREG made several attempts to reach out to the city to see if they treated this roadway but never heard back. Meanwhile, frustration continues to grow for residents.

“Find a way to get someone down here and take care of this. Maybe somebody need to come to Westwood and check it out,” Ralph Bankston said, a concerned resident.

As residents wait to see when the water will recede, they want to see someone held accountable for what they say has become an ongoing issue over the last few years.

“You cite the residents cite the city for their problem. This is a city problem,” Roberson said.

WREG did reach out to the city to find out how effective they feel their plan was leading up to the yesterday’s storm. Once we do, we will let you know.