MEMPHIS, Tenn.– As the winds start to pick up across Memphis, many are preparing for what’s to come and hope the preparations make a difference as the region braces for another round of rain.

The forecast calls for thunderstorms that could possibly produce damaging wind, hail, and possibly tornadoes. For residents like Joe Mclarry, one of his biggest concerns is flooding.

“I’m always nervous when it’s on the way so we’re just being prepared and watching the weather,” he said. “We’re always concerned. I know something happened in middle Tennessee last year, Waverly, and so that was terrible so we’re always keeping our eyes on the weather and stay informed.”

Leading up to the arrival of the storms, Memphis’ public works departments says it started clearing storm drains and inspecting problem spots. One of those locations is at I-55 and Crump, where cars stalled three weeks ago.

While residents like Kathleen Banks try to avoid that area, she is hoping not to see a repeat of what unfolded a few weeks ago, when the rain forced drivers on top of their vehicles.

“It’s annoying and it’s really dangerous because when it’s slick it’s really not the kind of weather the weather to go fast and that creates more accidents so I kind do fear when the rain does come,” Banks said.

Despite clearing some of the drains, city leaders say low-lying areas could flood because of the drainage system being overwhelmed by water.

If you do experience a flooded road, it’s recommended you call 311 to report it so a crew can come out.