MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis representatives lead a protest to the state capital about gun control on Friday.

Representatives Justin J. Pearson of Memphis, Gloria Johnson, and Justin Jones brought a megaphone inside of the house chambers, protesting and demanding more gun regulations.

“The proliferation of gun bills and gun resolutions that talk about protecting the Second Amendment, but no policies about protecting our communities are hurting us,” Representative Pearson said. “It’s leading to an increase in car thefts in Shelby County and leading to a high amount of violence by guns and with guns in our community.”

Tennessee lawmakers have moved to make firearms even more accessible, proposing bills this year to arm more teachers and allow college students to carry weapons on campus.

“Until we have laws that say we’re going to have red flag laws in the state of Tennessee, we’re going to ban assault weapons in the state of Tennessee, all of these words are empty promises and the harm that happens is on those most vulnerable in our communities,” Representative Pearson said.

Tuesday night, Governor Bill Lee released a video saying, now is not the time to talk about legislation.

“I understand the desperation to have answers, to place blame, to argue about a solution that could prevent this horrible tragedy,” Governor Lee said. “There will come a time to ask how a person could do this. There will come a time to discuss and debate policy, but this is not a time.”

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Pearson says the people have a voice and should demand that their lawmakers hear them in the debate over gun control.

“People deserve real action, real legislation to be signed by the governor,” Representative Pearson said. “It’s not enough to send thoughts and prayers and to say you’re going to give action and again you do nothing. It’s heartbreaking that we are having to wake up to the trauma of this every single day, but we are not powerless and the people in power have a responsibility to do something.”