MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Record Pressing is set to celebrate National Vinyl Record Day tomorrow with a first-come-first-serve giveaway at local record shops.

MRP says they will be giving away a limited-edition, specialty-designed National Vinyl Record Day commemorative pin. The pins will be available at Goner Records, Shangri-la Records, and River City Records.

“National Vinyl Record Day, obviously, means a lot to us, and we thought this was a fun way to
mark the occasion and thank all the vinyl enthusiasts who have helped our industry thrive in
recent years,” said Brandon Seavers, MRP CEO and co-founder.

MRP has expanded dramatically since opening its doors in 2015 and is on track to produce 20-25 million records this year.

“The people are so interested in vinyl because of two things. It’s the collectability and it’s the experience,” Seavers said. “Experience that so many generations of people now just haven’t ever experienced the experience of vinyl records. And so for so many people, it’s a brand new thing.”

MRP is the largest vinyl record manufacturer by volume in North America due to them being able to press as many as 125,000 records a day or more than 45 million a year when they are at full capacity.

“This is the thing that people are crazy about,” Seavers said. “So crazy about this music that means so much to all of us.”

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