MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An up-and-coming Memphis rapper was killed in a shooting on July 4, his manager confirmed.

Casino Jizzle, real name Robert Tunstall, was the victim of a shooting reported at 6:30 Tuesday evening on Goldbrier Lane in northeast Memphis, according to his manager Angie Strange.

Memphis Police on Thursday confirmed that Tunstall was the victim in the Goldbrier homicide. He was 27.

Wednesday, MPD issued a warrant for 27-year-old Michael Clayton on a charge of First Degree Murder in the Goldbrier homicide.

Casino Jizzle was set to debut a new album, “Duh,” on Friday. He is an unsigned artist, according to his Facebook page.

In 2019, Casino Jizzle was critically injured in a shooting outside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Cordova.