MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – Wet and windy conditions are expected to hit Memphis Monday night and continue through Wednesday.

City crews are inspecting and clearing storm drains to minimize flooding. MLGW says it’s ready to address power outages.

In fact, the utility says crews are prepared to work around the clock if needed. MLGW also suggests residents have an emergency kit on hand with items like bottled water, canned/packaged foods, a flashlight and battery-operated radio.

City officials advise drivers to be extra careful. George Rayford says he’ll do just that.

“I kind of figure out if I go under the bridge there going to be a flood,” he said. “So, no need for me going that way, mess the car up…Find another way around.”

City crews are ready to deal with fallen trees as well.

If your power goes out, make sure you call MLGW at (901)-544-6500. Don’t assume they know about it.