MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are asking anyone who might have come in contact with a harmful substance left on their vehicle to contact detectives.

The police department said they were aware of social media posts that said individuals had been harmed in such a way but have not found any local reports about any incidents.

Other law enforcement agencies in Tennessee have issued warnings about drug residue being left on items.

In July, a Nashville woman was rushed to the hospital after she picked a dollar bill off the ground at a Mcdonald’s and passed out.

The woman said it was only a matter of minutes before she began having trouble breathing. Her husband said his lips also started feeling numb.

Renee Parson’s symptoms lasted about four hours. Doctors called it an accidental overdose.

The family says the toxicology report doesn’t test for synthetic drugs, but they feel confident fentanyl or a similar drug was on the money.

A woman in Houston, Texas, is also getting lots of national attention after she claimed a napkin left on her car was laced with something that made her sick.

Memphis police have not released any more details about what might have happened in Memphis. If you have any information that can help investigators call (901)-545-2677.