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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Neighbors say burglars broke into a new home in East Memphis where Memphis Police Chief C.J. Davis is getting ready to move.

They said Davis’ home and another still under construction were hit around 3 a.m. Saturday morning. The thieves tore out furnaces and pulled out appliances like washers and dryers, then left them in a nearby yard, according to a police report.

Neighbors said the burglars got to a muddy area and couldn’t go any further, so they abandoned their loot.

One of the homes is just getting the electricity installed and is not ready for move-in, but those on Davis’ street said her house is practically finished, and she and family were supposed to move in any day.

It’s not the first time the new police chief has been a crime victim. In January, someone broke into Davis’ car while she was shopping at a store and stole her secondary duty weapon.

Neighbors said they don’t know whether this crime was random or targeted, but some feel it was an inside job by someone who knew what was in the house.

They also said they heard there was no forced entry, and that a window may have been left open.

Still, Davis’ new neighbors said they are excited to have the police chief in their community.

“It make me safe having her live her because I know they will be watching her house very well,” said one of her neighbors.

“I am not really worried about it. I think it was somebody knew things were going into a new house and getting ready to move into, because all these have been built since I moved here and nobody has had any trouble,” another neighbor said.

There are plenty of cameras in the community. Neighbors said police have been looking at them, and one camera actually may have caught the thieves in the act.

So far we haven’t been told of any arrest.

“I think she is gonna have some security on house like we all do and we are gonna be very vigilant and careful for one another from now on,” her neighbor said.

We have asked Memphis Police for comment on the burglary. We are waiting to hear back.