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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis told council members Tuesday afternoon that nothing has really surprised her in her first year on the job.

It’s clearly no small task. The chief said she has no regrets, has enjoyed her time here, and said her staff has been ready to “do more with what they have.”

“I knew what I was up against but I felt like I was prepared to come and utilize some of my experience from the work that I’ve done on a national level and other agencies,” Davis said.

Davis who came from the chief job in Durham, North Carolina knows firsthand the effects of crime here in the Bluff City.

She has been a victim of crime twice. Her unoccupied home was burglarized in April and her car was broken into back in January. 

“It’s a heavy lift to reduce crime, especially in a city where we see so many gun crimes,” Davis said.

Davis said the issues with gun crimes become complex when those committing the crimes are young people, teenagers, sometimes as young as 13 years old.

The chief said they’re working with federal partners focused on identifying locations where there has been prevalent gun trafficking.

In her presentation to council members, the chief said in 2021 her team did see decreases in some crimes, creating various units like the SCORPION unit to address crime in hotspot areas, as well as implementing new technologies and community engagement strategies.

There’s also a push to increase MPD traffic enforcement citywide. The department reported a 40% reduction in highway shootings.