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MEMPHIS, Tenn — A North Memphis pastor says he is praying for the person who stole his truck off his church lot in the middle of a community grocery giveaway.

Reverend Ronnie King, the pastor of Grace Missionary Baptist Church on North Manassas, said there was a line of people outside his church picking up the food when someone broke out the driver’s side window of his pickup truck and drove off in the vehicle.

Broken glass from a vehicle break-in

“One of my members actually walked to the corner, and he saw my truck being driven away and said, pastor, someone is driving down the street with your truck. I thought he was joking,” said Rev. King.

Pastor King said he walked to the spot where his maroon F-150 truck was parked and saw it was gone.

One week later, you can still see the broken glass in the parking lot. Pastor King said he was saddened that someone felt the need to steal from a church that does so much for the community but said it wouldn’t stop them from helping those in need.

“What they have done really is energize me. I say that because the Bible says to go into all the world teach and where people are hungry we are to feed them,” said King. “Whoever did it, I pray God’s blessing upon you, but I also pray that God will convict you and let you know that there are other alternatives.”

Pastor King said a woman walking down the street saw the car thief break into the truck. She didn’t get a good look at the suspect but said he appeared to be young.

Police said the other witness tried to follow the stolen truck but lost sight of it.

“Just so happened I had taken out all my personal belongings,” Pastor King said.” I usually leave my backpack in my truck when we give out food. That day I took it out, and I thank the Holy Spirit for telling me to take it out.”

Grace Missionary church feeds nearly two hundred people every month. Pastor King said they never stopped serving people during the pandemic.

Grace Missionary Baptist Church on N. Manassas

He also said the church needs to do something to address all the young people in Memphis committing these types of crimes.

“I’m not opposed to being tough on crime, but I think the focus needs to be on the family. So, what I say to my church is we need to go back to the old days getting involved with the family,” said King.

The truck that was stolen is a maroon 2010 Ford F-150 King Ranch. If you have seen the vehicle or know anything about the theft, call CrimeStoppers at (901)-528-CASH.