MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A woman says her mother is still shaken after a group of men robbed her at gunpoint in Midtown while she was on her way to see a play.

It’s been an upsetting 24 hours for Shaquira Bradfield after she says her 48-year-old mother, Charmaine Bradfield, appeared at her door barefoot after being robbed at gunpoint at the intersection of Diana and Monroe Sunday afternoon.

“She came to my door with tears in her eyes,” said Shaquira. “She looks at me with this depth in her eyes that was just the most terrifying look and she says Shaquira I was just attacked.”

Bradfield says her mother, a chemist, was heading to see a play by herself at Theatre Works when she was mugged.

“She’s not in a warzone or anything in that nature. [She was] walking up the street to go see a play and she could not even manage to make it to the play because there are people who are out here seeking to kill, steal, and destroy,” said Bradfield.

According to the police report, the victim was approached by four young men in a white compact SUV.

Two of the men allegedly hopped out of the SUV and one hit the victim over the head. The impact knocked her to the ground causing her to scrape her elbow.

During the robbery, the victim told police another man pointed a large black gun at her from inside the car.

“My mother says she literally looks up and looks into this young man’s eyes who was probably nowhere over 21 and she tells him to not shoot,” Bradfield said.

Bradfield said the suspects took off with her mother’s purse with her ID, car keys, iPhone, and $5 cash inside.

She said the phone was later found by children outside a nearby home.

“It is pointless and it served no point,” she added. “I don’t even understand it, I don’t want to understand the works of the devil and evil.”

She said what’s even more frustrating is her mother struggled to get help and find a way to call police before good Samaritans stepped in.

As Midtown booms with both business and crime, she is hoping her mother’s story will make a difference.

“This should not be a bed that we just lie down in and be okay with just because a life hasn’t been taken,” said Bradfield.

Police say no arrests have been made in this case. If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.