MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mom says she can’t afford to have a funeral for her 24-year-old son gunned down in South Memphis.

Martavious Pryor was shot at the Valero in the 2300 block of Airways and died a day later.

Police have not released many details about the shooting, but Dedrus Peterson said her son was killed by someone he knew during a robbery.

“The guy pulled up, who was supposed to be his friend, and robbed him first and shot him in the back of the head,” said Peterson. “They were telling me he was dead, but he was fighting for his life.”

Peterson wants justice for her son but also wants to honor his life. She was able to donate all of his organs but can’t afford to bury him.

“I have his heartbeat,” Peterson said. “I felt like he deserved a nice funeral because he would help anybody, and when my son passed, I couldn’t get any help,”

Peterson couldn’t afford the $3,000 burial but said her church was able to pay for most of her son’s cremation, which is about half the cost.

Peterson holds on to a teddy bear with her son’s heartbeat

“If it wasn’t for the church, I wouldn’t know what to do with my son’s body,” said Peterson.

On top of everything else, the mother of eleven other children can’t afford to keep her lights on.

“When my son was murdered, I didn’t have insurance because I didn’t expect him to get murdered at 24. So, with all that’s going on, I don’t have the funds to pay the $400 on the utility,” said Peterson.

MLGW confirmed the payment was due Friday.

Peterson said there was a witness to the shooting, and she doesn’t understand why police have not made an arrest.

“He trusted everybody, and it cost him his life,” said Peterson. “They are shooting innocent lives.”

If you have any information about the shooting that can help police, call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.