MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mother says she no longer has a home after smoke consumed most of her apartment during a large fire.

Screams sounded the alarm for 28-year-old Evelyn Amro as she was rocking her 7-month-old baby to sleep Friday evening.

“I just heard people screaming, screaming, screaming,” Amro said. “I just started panicking. It was like I was in a movie.”

The surveillance camera outside her home at the Getwell Pointe Apartments captured large plumes of smoke filling the air coming from neighboring units.

“I grabbed my baby, grabbed him a blanket, and grabbed his car seat, and I just took him threw him in the car, came back up here to try to grab as much clothes of his as I could,” Amro said.

With all the fire damage, she now has no place to call home. Amro said Red Cross did offer a voucher that allowed her to stay at a hotel and buy some new baby items, but now she’s lost and depending on family members for a place to stay.

“It’s hard dealing with postpartum and coming back like dealing with this when you’re just came back on your feet, catching up with your bills,” Amro said.

The fire caused severe damage to multiple units at one apartment building, but Amro said it was the lingering smell of smoke that had her fearing for her child’s life.

“Him not waking up, him having asthma, him having problems later on in life or breathing that in. Me just standing in there 5 or 10 minutes, it gives you a headache,” she said.

She’s also concerned about a large hole cut into her ceiling.

“I don’t have a home and seeing my child, even though he don’t know what’s going on, it hurts,” Amro said.

To make matters worse, she said she had just paid her rent an hour before the fire and now property managers are giving her the runaround.

“They been waiting on the insurance people since Monday but she was like your apartment is not that bad. We can come in there and fix it up,” Amro said. “If you can’t have me a vacant apartment to stay in or another apartment to stay in, just give me my money back.”

We reached out to management at the complex but have yet to hear back. We also reached out to the Memphis Fire Department to learn how the fire started.