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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Memphis man says his car has been vandalized for the third time this summer, and police are searching for suspects who stole his car Friday morning and dumped it in Binghampton.

Deep into the dog days of summer, Joshua Wylie says crime is heating up at the High Point Apartments on Highland. He said his Hyundai Santa Fe has been victimized three times in the last two months.

“From a catalytic converter being stolen to a break-in and my steering column being ripped out to a break-in and my car being stolen,” Wylie said.

It’s problems he says others in the complex are dealing with.

“In that same time 14 or so other cars have been burglarized at this apartment complex, my roommate’s car has been burglarized and about six cars have been stolen,” Wylie said.

Wylie’s new surveillance camera shows the thieves pulling out of the lot a little before 3 a.m. Friday morning. He wasn’t aware until he saw a notification from his Apple Air Tag.

Through an app, he was able to locate his car at the Tillman Crossing Apartments. He went to the police station down the street where officers helped him retrieve the car.

He said the repairs hadn’t been made from the break-in a few weeks ago so now he’s looking at more insurance costs totaling $1,100 and now nearly $4,000 in damages.

“Lord Jesus, they ripped out the steering column the window is busted out, all the seats are reclined back, they left their coffee in there,” Wylie said.

Born and raised in Frayser, he said he’s now leaving the city due to the rise in crime.

“As a Memphian you’ve got like a sixth sense where you can automatically sense something is a little off that has gotten so bad these last three or four months. I am tired of being here. I am discouraged so I’m going to Nashville,” he said.

Wylie said MPD told him they are seeing more stolen Kia’s and Hyundai’s so he plans to sell his car.