MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man wants answers about why his family can’t get some plumbing problems resolved at their rental house.

Curtis Smith contacted WREG about raw sewage flowing into his front yard every time the toilet flushed. Smith says he’s also been charged a thousand bucks for damage he claims he didn’t cause. He said insects, a leaky roof, mold on the bathroom ceiling and faulty electrical outlets are major problems, but nothing tops the sewage problems.

“They’ll send somebody out here to ‘snake’ the toilet, but it’s not stopping the problem,” Smith said. “It’s caused flooding in the house. It’s caused a smell in the carpet.”

Smith told us the family rents this house from Lubin Property Management on Broad Street where he went to complain about the raw sewage and other problems. He said someone came out to the house but didn’t give him the answer he was looking for.

Sewer drainage in Curtis Smith’s front yard

“He said he didn’t see no problem with the plumbing,” Smith said. “He sent somebody out to look at it and the plumbing’s fine.”

Smith has also been told the sewage drainage pipe is old and needs to be replaced. We went by the property management office to speak to someone about the problems at Smith’s house but were told “no one is available.”

We left our contact information and was told someone would return our call, but no one did nor answered when we called back later.

Smith said he doesn’t believe anyone is going to fix the raw sewage problem, one of the many issues he said that is making his grandson sick.

He also said a code enforcement officer visited the house in August to look at structural problems. We reached out to the city for his report, and an electrical contractor showed up this afternoon to repair several faulty power outlets.