MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man has been charged with murder for his alleged role in a man’s shooting death.

Terry Henderson Jr. (provided photo)

Terry Henderson Jr.’s family plans to remember him standing tall and smiling with a bible in his hand after his death eight months ago. Dr. Keith Norman was Henderson’s pastor at First Baptist Broad Church where his mother and father are also members.

“This whole community was shaken because this was such a wonderful guy,” Norman said.

He said Henderson’s parents got the news they’d been waiting for on Good Friday.

“Nancy said the better news is they finally arrested the guy who murdered my son, and Nancy was able to talk for the first time in a long time without breaking down completely,” Norman said.

J’Mycheal Jackson, 20, is charged in Henderson’s killing.

According to court records, Henderson, who was 22 at the time, was found dead in the middle of the street at Kerwin Drive and Battlefield Drive on August 12 of last year.

“When this happened it ripped a hole through that family and the void will never ever be filled,” Norman said.

Investigators said Henderson had a secret email account and used the alias Amber Love to meet up with Jackson on multiple occasions.

Police said this time, the encounter turned deadly. Henderson, a college graduate and Youth Villages employee, was shot several times with one bullet piercing his head.

The suspect then sped away. Police said Henderson’s car was also stolen from the scene and later recovered.

“He drove a really nice car and he was a really kind person,” Norman said. “Kind people are often targeted by people who are trying to prey upon them.”

Nearly eight months after the killing, Jackson was picked up for an unrelated warrant. He had been a person of interest in Henderson’s murder. Police said he confessed after he was questioned.

He’s now charged with second-degree murder, conspiracy, and theft of property.

“We have to not harbor people in our cities in our families who do these horrific things. We need to know who is living among us and what capabilities they have of committing these crimes,” Norman said.

Jackson is set to appear in court Tuesday. He is being held on a $550,000 bond.