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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Memphis woman wants the world to know her city has some incredible young people after a stranger paid for her gas Tuesday in Binghampton.

Olivia Jennings said she was standing at the Marathon on Summer Avenue when she started joking around with two young men in front of her, and one of them turned around and told her he wanted to buy her gas.

“I was teasing him about all the orange juice they were buying,” said Jennings. “I thought he was teasing and I pulled out my credit card, and I said, ‘oh it’s ok, I got it.’ He said, ‘no, ma’am, I really want to buy your gas.’ I said, ok.”

The young man’s actions touched Jennings so much, she asked him if he would take a picture with her to post online. She said Memphis has been getting a bad rap lately about the crime, and she wanted others to know there are good young people all over the city.

“The young man is about the same age as my son,” said Jennings. “I would just like to know if he did something kind, people would at least say something. You know, you’re a good kid. They are doing the right thing.”

Jennings’s Facebook post has been liked and shared dozens of times.

Some of those who have responded have thanked her and the young man for reminding them about the good in their town.

“It was absolutely great for everybody coming together saying yes, you are right Memphis has good youth,” she said. “No matter what you say, we’ve got them. They are everywhere.”

She said the young man handed over $20 to pay for her gas.