MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some Memphis firefighters think a visit from singer “Weird Al” Yankovic is just the medicine needed for a paramedic seriously injured on the job over the weekend.

Justin Warner was one of two firefighters hit by a car while responding to a crash on I-240 early Sunday morning.

Todd Conklin, vice president of the Memphis Fire Fighters Association Local 1784, started a social media campaign to get the funny man to stop by the Regional Medical Center after he learned Warner had tickets for Yankovic’s show Thursday in Memphis. Warner is still recovering from surgery on his broken leg.

MFD paramedic Justin Warner

“At some point, Justin posted on his Facebook wall he had two tickets to see “Weird Al” this Thursday night,” said Conklin. “Unfortunately, the circumstances he was going through, he wasn’t sure if he going to be able to go, and he didn’t want them to go waste.”

Conklin said they decided since Warner couldn’t go to the show, they would try and bring “Weird Al” to him. The firefighters asked people to post #weridalforwarner on Twitter and Facebook to get the right people’s attention.

“We were just seeing if we could get anywhere and get some traction with it, and then it just kind of exploded from there,” Conklin said.

The #weirdalforwarner has been shared numerous times on Twitter and Facebook. Conklin said he has also contacted “Weird Al’s” management group in California to see if they could make it happen.

Conklin said Warner is a big “Weird Al” fan and had seen him perform live before. He said he and his fellow firefighters are trying to do whatever they can to lift his spirits.

He said he doesn’t know how much Warner knows about what they have been up to this week.

“He did text me last night to let me know he’s doing better after the surgery, and he didn’t mention it,” Conklin said. “I think he’s semi-aware of what’s going on, but I don’t think he knows how big it has gotten..”

“Weird Al” is performing at the Soundstage at Graceland. Conklin is still waiting to hear back from his people.